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Depository Board

Established by the Quorum Court, this Board shall designate depositories and supervise the depositing of all county funds and all other public funds held by the county treasurer, except funds of a school district, and also shall designate depositories and supervise the depositing of all funds collected and held by the county collector. The Depository Board may also require county officials to settle with the county treasurer more frequently than required by AR law.

Meetings are held annually or as needed.

See the full calendar of Benton County meetings here.

Depository Board Members

Three (3) members include the County Judge, County Treasurer, and County Collector Also attending are the County Comptroller and the Chief Deputy Treasurer.

Terms are continual while in office.

Barry MoehringCounty Judge(479) 271-1098barry.moehring@bentoncountyar.govElected
Deanna RatcliffeTreasurer(479) 271-1018deanna.ratcliffe@bentoncountyar.govElected
Gloria PetersonCollector(479) 271-1040gloria.peterson@bentoncountyar.govElected

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Deanna Ratcliffe (479) 271-1018

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