Frequently Asked Questions

How come the Road Department won’t fix my road?
Benton County has over 3,600 miles of roads (1737+miles of county roads, 1000+ city roads and 575+ federal & state roads) The Benton County Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 1737 miles of road and over 252 bridges. We only maintain roads that are in the County Road System. If we are not maintaining your road then it may be a local access road, private road, city street, or state highway.

Do you have an Adopt a Highway program?
Yes; Fill out this form and submit today: Adopt-A-County-Road Program
Why are you paving that road? Aren’t you aware that (insert road name here)is in much worse condition?
Road maintenance decisions are made based on many different factors. The primary factor is the condition of the the entire road segment. Some road segments are in “poor” condition and shouldn’t be overlaid. The timing of your road to be reconstructed, overlaid or repaired must also be prioritized with the other 2000+ miles of County roads along with avalability of materials and resources.
How do I contact the Road Department?
You can contact the Road Department by calling (479)271-1052 or by email.