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Drug Crimes

In Benton County, the economic and societal impact of drug abuse is tremendous. Most tragic, the victims of drug abuse are often times children of the abusers.

The Impact of Drug & Alcohol Abuse on a Family can be Devastating.

What You Need to Know to Make a Difference in Your Child:

  1. 70% of U.S. crimes & 35% of felonies in Benton County are drug-related.
  2. 1 out of 3 school children will try illegal drugs, talk with your kids.
  3. Families that eat dinner together have far less drug problems. Teens learn best from their mistakes, be accepting and encouraging.
  4. Risk-taking behaviour is a normal part of adolescent development.
  5. Be encouraging, calm, positive & truthful – never exaggerate the dangers.
  6. Open, honest communication is a parent’s best influence to teach sensible decision making – always listen to their point-of-view & then express yours.
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