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First 24 Hours

What to do in the First 24 Hours if you are the legal guardian of a new Benton County Juvenile Detention Center Resident.

“What do I do if my child is arrested?”

When a resident enters the facility, their legal guardian needs to report to the juvenile detention center
within the first 24 hours to fill out paperwork. The guardian needs to bring a photo I.D., any medications that your child is taking, and the juvenile’s insurance card if applicable.

Parents and/or legal guardians will be allowed one 15 minute visit at this time.

No outside items may be brought in unless it is related to medical or allergy issues, in which case there must be documentation in writing from a physician.


All prescriptions must be current and in their original container. All prescriptions will be administered according to the label. If there are changes in the dosage, you must have signed instructions from the doctor.

Over the counter medications are only given out when prescribed by a doctor.


After court, if your child is sentenced to stay in the juvenile detention center, you should notify the school counselor or registrar of the sentence. Inform the counselor that you will be there in 24 hours to pick up your child’s projects, textbooks, and assignments from the teachers. Deliver these materials along with textbooks and notebooks that may be in your home to the JDC as soon as possible.

It is extremely important that your child be able to keep up schoolwork while staying in the Detention Center to avoid being overwhelmed upon their return to school. The Benton County JDC has two large classrooms and three Bentonville School District teachers that will be available to help your child with their assignments and provide tutoring when needed.

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