Benton County Emergency Management

Emergency Management is the organization and management of emergency resources, the coordination of responsibilities, and the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with natural and man-made disasters.

Community Preparedness & Safety Tips

1) Be informed: Know what disasters could affect you and your area. Know how to get emergency alerts and where to go if you need to seek shelter or evacuate.

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2) Plan Ahead: Put together an emergency plan and get all family members involved. Identify evacuation procedures, shelters, and develop an emergency kit(s) to support your plan. Consider any special needs in your household (medical needs, dietary needs, disabilities, pets, etc.) Don’t forget to practice your plan.

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3) Take Action: You are the help until help arrives! Major disasters can overwhelm first responder agencies and you may have to care for yourself and others immediately following any disasters.

Self Report Damage

Benton County Non-Emergency Line:  271-1005

The Benton County Storm Shelter Registry provide information to emergency responders to help them locate citizens after a natural disaster.

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