Voting Methods

There are two methods of voting in Benton County: Touch Screen & Paper Ballot

Touch Screen

Each polling location has a touch screen voting unit available for voters. How to choose to use the touch screen voting unit.
  • When you sign the Precinct List of Voters Book, inform the election official that you wish to vote using touch screen voting.
  • You will be brought to the voting unit and the election official will bring your ballot up on the screen and instruct you on its use.
  • When you are ready to cast your ballot, the election official will leave so you can vote in privacy.
  • If you need assistance, summon the election official who will assist you without observing your ballot.
  • When you have confirmed and cast your ballot leave the area.

Touch-Screens for voters with limited vision

This unit allows persons with limited vision to vote unassisted and is accomplished through the use of a hearing headset and audio ballot. The election official must be informed when an audio ballot is being requested. How to vote using the touch screen voting unit. Video of Electronic Voting Machine” 1. Activate Ballot: A poll worker will activate the machine for you to vote. 2. Select Candidate: To select your candidate, touch the box next to the name. If you choose the wrong candidate, you can deselect that candidate by touching the box again. The iVotronic will not allow you to over-vote — voting for more people than may be elected to any one office. 3. Review Ballot: After completing the last ballot page, touch “review” and carefully look over your choices. To change a vote, touch the box next to the candidate or office name and then touch the box next to your new selection. You may also review your choices on the paper receipt to the left of the screen. 4. VOTE! When finished making your choices, complete your vote by pressing the onscreen “confirm” button to cast your ballot. When the “Thank You for Voting” screen appears, you have properly cast your ballot.
If you vote for more than one candidate in a race, your vote in that race will not count.
  • If you make a mistake on your ballot, return it to an election official for a replacement ballot.
  • You may replace up to two ballots in an election.