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Voting Methods

The State of Arkansas uses voting equipment from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which is based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

Benton County is a Vote Center based county, which mean that registered voters in Benton County can vote at any Early Vote or Election Day site within Benton County.

When you arrive at a Vote Center you will first check in with a Poll Worker at the Poll Books. You will then be brought to the voting machine and the election official will help bring your ballot up on the screen and instruct you on its use.

  1. Activate Ballot: A poll worker will assist you in bringing up your ballot.
  2. Select Candidate: To select your candidate, touch the name. If you choose the wrong candidate, you can deselect that candidate by touching on the name or just select another name on the screen. The Vote Machines will not select more than one choice in a contest, issue or amendment.
  3. Review Ballot: After completing the last ballot page, touch “review” and carefully look over your choices. You can make any changes at this point.
  4. Print Ballot: When finished making your choices, complete your vote by pressing the onscreen “PRINT” button to print your ballot.
  5. Cast Ballot: After printing your ballot, you may review your choices one last time. Take your printed ballot to the DS200 (ballot box) where an election official will help you insert your ballot.

ADA Vote Machines

ALL vote machines have the functionality to allow persons with limited vision to vote unassisted and is accomplished through the use of a hearing headset and audio ballot. You must inform an election official when an audio ballot is being requested.

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