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Benton County Historical Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission specializes in registry information, artifact research, community outreach, organizing efforts for cemetery preservation, and educational awareness. They identify, preserve, protect, and promote the pre-historic and historic sites, artifacts, records, and other antiquities of Benton County and also work to support local museums and historic societies.

Benton County Historical Preservation Commission Meetings

Meets the second Thursday of each month at noon.

See Full Calendar of Benton County Meetings Here.

Benton County Historical Preservation Commission Members

5 members are appointed by County Judge and confirmed by the Quorum Court.

Terms last 5 years. Commission members cannot serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

NamePositionStatusAppointment DateExpiringReappointment DateReappointment Expiring
Leah WhiteheadPosition #1
Appointed (Second Full Term)9/28/20171/26/20214/22/20213/31/2026
Cindy AcreePosition #2
Appointed (1st Full Term)9/28/20171/26/20194/26/20181/26/2023
Jackie CrabtreePosition #3
Unexpired Term3/7/20191/26/20204/22/20213/31/2025
Rick ParkerPosition #4Appointed (1st Full Term)3/29/20191/26/2023
Xyta LucasPosition #5Appointed (1st Full Term)4/27/20171/26/2022

Staff Contact

Leah Whitehead, (479) 273-3561,

  • County Judge

    Barry Moehring


    Administration Building

    215 E. Central Ave.
    Bentonville, AR 72712

    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.




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