Key Roles

Key Roles of various agencies in a death investigation.
County Coroner’s Role in a Death Investigation
  • Conduct independent investigation
  • Determine date & time of death
  • Determine cause of death
  • Determine manner of death
  • Document & record all injuries
  • Draw toxicology samples
  • Complete death certificate
  • Insure final disposition
  • Report to other state & federal agencies
  • Assist law enforcement, prosecutor & medical examiner

Law Enforcement’s Role in a Death Investigation
  • Conducts investigation & interviews
  • Collects & stores evidence
  • Completes reports for criminal prosecution
  • Insures safety, & wellbeing of others in the home
  • Detain & arrest suspects in criminal death cases

Medical Examiner’s Role in a Death Investigation
  • Performs forensic autopsies only at the request of the Coroner, law enforcement , or the Prosecutor
  • Determines cause of death
  • Conducts consults to the Coroner in order to complete death certificate

Prosectuing Attorney’s Role in a Death Investigation
  • Gathers all investigative reports
  • Reviews state laws
  • May conduct independent investigation & interviews
  • Files criminal charges against person causing the death due to intent, carelessness or neglect