Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my taxes go up if everything is the same as last year?

If the value and/or the millage have increased since the prior year, the current tax bill will be higher. (Tax is calculated by multiplying the value times the millage.)

Why did my property value increase?

The Collector does not assess property. Instead, go to the Assessor’s Office

Why did my bill go up if I turned 65 last year and got a freeze on my taxes?

Amendment 79 puts a freeze only on the assessed value and not the millage. If the millage goes up, the tax bill will go up.

Do I still owe taxes if I sold my home, divorced, or moved out of Benton County?

A personal property tax bill is created from anything that was assessed between January 1 – May 31 of the last calendar year (2013). If a couple was married and assessed together but divorced during the year, they are still responsible for the combined tax bill. A real estate tax bill is created from the owner of record on January 1, 2013. If a property was sold during the year, closing documents will explain the responsibility of the buyer and the seller concerning the tax bill.

What is an improvement district fee?

When property owners would benefit from a local service or improvement, a charge (the improvement district fee) is added to the tax bill. Improvement district fees cannot be paid in installments and are collected in the current year. Examples of such local services or improvements include:

  • Emergency Medical Service District (EMSD): A rural ambulance service staffed by volunteer emergency medical personnel. The fee is not voluntary and must be collected with real estate taxes.
  • Fire Dues: A rural fire department.
  • Suburban & Municipal Improvement Districts: Improvement or construction of streets, sewer systems, off-street parking of vehicles, sidewalks, and recreational areas.

How do I apply for a homestead credit?

Forms are available in the Assessor’s Office.

What action do I take if my mortgage company is supposed to be paying my tax on my home?

If the tax bill has been sent directly to the mortgage company, check in 30-60 days to make sure your taxes have been paid. If the mortgage company was supposed to pay but did not, direct the mortgage company to contact our office.

What is the VA exemption requirement?

In order to be exempt from taxes, a VA summary of benefits letter should be on file with the Collector’s Office on or before December 31 of each year. To qualify for a VA exemption, call the VA office in Little Rock and request a summary of benefits letter.

What is the collection procedure?

Real Estate cannot be collected without EMSD Dues or Municipal or Suburban improvement district fees, but also cannot be collected without personal property. Real Estate tax paid by a mortgage company does not have to be paid with personal property. The Collector’s office will not accept a current payment before a delinquent payment.

How are my property taxes spent?

Why am I charged more when I pay my taxes with a credit or debit card?

The service provider charges a convenience fee when using a credit or debit card to pay property taxes. Note that Benton County does NOT receive any portion of this fee.

What are the service fees associated with making an electronic payment?

Service fees for electronic payments vary depending on method of payment.

  • Paying by credit/debit there is a $3.99 minimum for transactions less than $100.00, for transactions greater than $100.00 there will be a fee of 3.99%.