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Court Date Rescheduling

Due to the Coronavirus, many cases currently scheduled in Benton County Circuit Court have been rescheduled. Please take note of the following:

– If you have an attorney, stay in good contact with your attorney. If you do not have an attorney and have questions, you are encouraged to contact the Office of the Public Defender for Benton County.

– Failure to appear in Court can result in a Warrant being issued.

– All No Contact Orders and Conditions of Release will remain in full force and effect. Failure to abide by these conditions can result in bail being revoked and, possibly, further criminal charges.

– Those who are on State Supervised Probation are reminded that they are to report to their Probation Officer, as determined by their Probation Officer. Failure to do so can result in probation being revoked.

– Those who are convicted Sex Offenders are reminded that they still must comply with all Sex Offender Registration and Reporting requirements.


Find the correct section that corresponds to the division that you case is being tired in.

Click the link that corresponds to your court date to find your new court date.

Verify that your name and corresponding case number is listed. For questions please reach out to your attorney.