Public Records

The Circuit Clerk’s Office offers a fee-based Land Record Web Service.

For questions relating to web access on all record types except court docket cases.

Call Business Information Systems at (866)514-5201 or go to:

For questions relating to court docket cases, call the Court’s Office at (479)271-1015.

To research records in person, visit the Circuit Clerk’s Recorder’s Office in person during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at 215 East Central, Room 202, Bentonville, AR 72712.

Note:  The Circuit Clerk’s Office does not perform criminal record checks.

For background checks, go to the Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System or contact the Arkansas State Police at 1(501)618-8500.

Record Type Availability Index




Court docket cases

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Civil indexes are now available through Public Court Connect. Images are also available for civil cases starting January 1st 2014 foward.

Civil and Criminal indexes are now available through Public Court Connect. Images are also available for Civil and Criminal cases starting January 1st, 2014 forward.

No No


No Yes
Mortgages Current back to 1975 (there may be some partial years prior but not completed) No Yes
No Yes

Judgment Docket

Current back to November 1, 2007 there are both the indexes and images. October 31, 2007 back to June 20, 1995 there are indexes only. No Yes
Lis Pendens Current back to October 1, 2007 No Yes


Current back to August 2002 No Yes


Plats are searchable but are currently under construction. All

indexes and images since 1998.

No Yes
UCC Filings Filings current back to August 1994. Images since August 2002. No Yes

Online Land Record FAQs

What is this new system? This new electronic land records management system is an example of the county’s efficiency through technology effort. The software helps the county facilitate growth and comply with the Real Property e-Recording Act (Act 734). It handles cashiering, document imaging, indexing, public access and e-recording and supports e-commerce and disaster recovery.

What information is available?

  • Deeds & Mortgages current back to 1990 (there maybe some partial years prior but not completed)
  • Liens current back to August 2002
  • UCC filings current back to August 1994
  • UCC images since August 2002
  • Plat Records all indexes (with images since 1998 to current) **Plats are under construction at the current time***

How much does it cost?

Professional Level
  • $80 monthly fee
  • Multiple levels of additional access
  • Unlimited viewing of the index data
Basic Level
  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited viewing of index data ONLY
  • 50¢ per page charge to view, print or download images

How do I get started? Go to the “Deeds and Mortgages” or “Plats” links under Public Records and register for an account, free of charge.