Jury Service – Weather & Dress

What to do in the case of inclement weather as well as how to properly dress when in court.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather, please listen to your local area radio stations, and TV station to find out if you should report. The Circuit Clerk/Deputies will also make every attempt to notify you by telephone if a trial has been postponed/cancelled due to the weather. You can also check for the latest office closings information from the county homepage.

Dress Code:

There are no set rules about dress in court. Business casual is a good dress directive. You should also be comfortable. Please avoid extremes–shorts, halter tops, inappropriate t-shirts, muscle shirts and dress of a similar nature are not permitted. The important thing is to remember that you are going to a place of respect, so please dress accordingly.
To contact the Circuit Clerk regarding your jury service, please call (479) 271-1015 or email at jury@bentoncountyar.gov.