Jury Service – Payment Amounts & Length

Payment of Services Jurors will complete their term of service and be paid with one check. For example if you serve on more than one trial you will not be paid until the end of the term. Checks are run one time for the entire term of service. You should receive your payment within two to three weeks after the term ends. Pay is set by the State of Arkansas and the Quorum Court of Benton County. Jurors seated to hear the trial are paid $50.00/day. Those who report but are not selected are paid $22.00/day.
Length of Service Most trials are from one to four days, with some exceptions. Occasionally, jury selection will take a few days and the trial could last several days. A seated juror cannot serve more than ten days, in his/her term of service. The exception would be if the tenth day occurs while seated, the juror must finish out the trial before being excused from the remainder of his/her term of service. Due to the number of jurors summoned, most jurors will generally appear one or two times during his/her term, but this is dependent on the number of trials conducted. The Circuit Clerk attempts to maintain a large base for selection so no juror is called repeatedly.
Terms of Service for each year are as follows: January 1st – April 30th May 1st – August 31st September 1st – December 31st

To contact the Circuit Clerk regarding your jury service, please call (479) 271-1015 or email at jury@bentoncountyar.gov.