Jury Service – Parking & Transportation

Jurors are exempt from parking tickets. If you receive one, simply sign the back and bring it to the Circuit Clerk or Judge presiding over the trial.

Driving Directions to the Courthouse & Parking Map:

Service provided by Ozark Transit and not affiliated with County.

Benton County Courthouse

Building A – 102 NE “A” Street. Bentonville Division 1 – Judge Robin Green Division 4 – Judge John R. Scott Division 5 – Judge Xollie Duncan

Benton County Courthouse Annex

Building B – 201 NE 2nd Street, Bentonville Division 2 – Judge Brad Karren

Benton County Juvenile Center

JJC – 1301 Melissa Drive, Bentonville Division 3 – Judge Tom Smith

Circuit Court – Division 6

Building C – 221 S. Main St. Bentonville Division 6 – Judge R. Douglas Schrantz