Judicial Sales & Foreclosures

Court Appointed Sales: The following properties are scheduled to be sold at auction by court order. All sales are open to the public and are conducted on the second floor in the courthouse lobby.

Sales are rescheduled when offices are closed due to inclement weather.

The Circuit Clerk’s office handles judicial foreclosures (Foreclosures in which there was a Civil case filed on the individual) and any court-appointed sale of property.

All non-judicial foreclosures (Foreclosure where there was no Civil case filed) that are sold on the courthouse steps are posted on the second floor in the courthouse lobby by the law firm handling the foreclosure.

We do not keep a list of non-judicial foreclosures in our offices, but you may view them at the courthouse.

If you are looking for information concerning delinquent tax properties, please visit the State Land Commissioner’s web-site.

Steps: for Purchasing Property

Step 1: Review the following judicial sale notices. (All sales listed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Step 2: NOTE: ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD AS IS WITH NO WARRANTY. The Circuit Clerk’s Office does not perform land searches. Interested individuals may independently search the land records for the history of the properties or hire a title and abstract company to perform this type of search. In most cases, the legal description is all that is available in the Court File. Individuals interested in the physical address may independently seek this information.

Step 3: Bid in person on the listed date & time in the lobby outside room 203 located on the second floor of the County courthouse on the Bentonville Square.