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Residential Permits Application

Benton County requires building permits for new construction, additions, or interior remodels of single-family homes.

Effective November 28, 2023, Benton County will no longer require building permits for Group U structures in unincorporated areas. This includes detached shop buildings with no living space, carports, storage buildings, decks, and fences. However, permits will still be required for any structure that is attached to a residence or for commercial use.

Miscellaneous Permits Application

Required for projects such as pre-fabricated dwellings, storm shelters, pools, decks (only if attached to a residence), demolition, solar installations, and carports (only if attached to a residence).

Trade Permit Application

Required for any new electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work.

Commercial Permits

Benton County currently requires building permits for all new commercial development within unincorporated Benton County. Please note that all commercial development must receive the approval of the County Planning Board before construction begins.

Structure Burn Application

Benton County currently requires structure Burn Permits for all structures that are to be used by the local fire department for live fire training. Please note that all structure burns must be approved by both the Benton County Fire Marshal, and the local Fire Chief and must follow ADEQ guidelines.

Road Department Permits

Benton County requires permits for the new construction of driveways, as well as the boring and cutting of county-maintained roads. These applications are now being submitted directly to the Benton County Road Department.

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