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2020 Archived Bids

Bid Name Bid Open Close Date Status Awarded To
Sheriffs Office Transport Vehicle Equipment and Installation Bid12-11-202012-17-2020CLOSEDSUPERIOR AUTO GROUP
Sheriffs Office Vehicle Equipment & Installation Bid (Patrol)12-11-202012-17-2020CLOSEDSUPERIOR AUTO GROUP
Prosecutors Office Case Management Software Bid with Questions and Answers11-29-202012-09-2020CLOSEDKarpel
Prosecutor's Office Case Management Software Bid11-30-202012-09-2020CLOSEDKarpel
2020 Courthouse Physical Security Migration bid12-04-202012-03-2020CLOSEDTriple S Alarm Co., Inc
Rambo Water System Improvements with addendum #110-04-202011-17-2020CLOSEDCornerstone Construction LLC
2020 Benton County Courts Early Demolition10-01-202011-05-2020CLOSEDTCM Enterprises
2020 Road Department Graders Bid10-18-202011-03-2020CLOSEDJ. A. Riggs
2020 Road Compact Track Loader10-18-202011-03-2020CLOSEDSpringdale Tractor Co Inc.
2020 Road Department Utility Excavator12-08-202011-03-2020CLOSEDH and E Equipment Services
Fisher Ford Road Repair10-11-202010-27-2020CLOSEDDiamond C Construction
PurpleWave Auction Road 10-6-202011-03-202010-06-2020CLOSEDVarious Winners
2020 GUARDRAIL MATERIALS AND INSTALLATION BID10-19-20209-29-2020CLOSEDCustom Pavement Maintenance & Safety
Digitally Enhancing and Preserving County Land Records 10-19-20209-09-2020CLOSEDUS Imaging
Emergency Medical Services SEBCO8-10-20209-02-2020CLOSEDMERCY HOSPITAL ROGERS
RFQ for Appraisal Professional Services7-30-20208-28-2020CLOSED
PurpleWave Auction Road and Sheriff's Office10-19-20208-18-2020CLOSEDVarious Winners
2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update7-19-20208-04-2020CLOSEDTwo Rivers Emergency Management, LLC
2021 Aerial Imagery-RFQ11-03-20207-31-2020CLOSEDSanborn
Emergency Medical Services RFQ7-07-20207-31-2020CLOSEDNORTHWEST ARKANSAS PARAMED TRANSFER, LLC
2020 AV System for Quorum Court Room7-17-20207-31-2020CLOSEDCommerical Audio
PurpleWave Auction7-12-20207-21-2020CLOSEDVarious Winners
Statement of Qualification-Construction Management-BC Courthouse Addition and Remodel11-12-20207-08-2020CLOSEDNabholz
2020 NEW ROAD BUILDING 3-22-20204-14-2020CLOSEDOelke Construction Co.
Road Dept. Pothole Repair Bid3-17-20203-31-2020CLOSEDHUTCHENS CONSTRUCTION CO
GovDeal Auction March 27, 20203-13-20203-27-2020CLOSEDVarious Winning Bids
2020 Road-Three Quarter Ton Pick-ups2-24-20203-05-2020CLOSEDSuperior Automotive
GovDeals Auction March 2, 20202-16-20203-02-2020CLOSEDVarious Winning Bids
PurpleWave Auction 2-04-20202-25-2020CLOSEDVarious Winners
2020 Backhoe bid2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDStribling Equipment, LLC
2020 19,500 Trucks with Flat Bed Bid2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDSuperior Automotive
2020 (2) 1/2 Ton Ex-Cab 4X4 Pickups Bid2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDNot Awarded
2020 Tri-Axle Dump Trucks2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDShipley Motor Equipment Company
2020 (4) Graders Bid2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDJ.A. Riggs Tractor Co.
2020 Debris Grinding and Removal2-04-20202-18-2020CLOSEDHansen's Tree Service
BC Sheriff's Office 4 X 4 SUV Bid8-06-20202-11-2020CLOSEDSuperior Automotive
Architectural, Engineering & Land Surveying Services1-26-20202-11-2020CLOSEDVarious RFQs might be picked through out the year
2020 Rebid Concrete and Supplies with addendum 011-23-20202-03-2020CLOSEDTune Concrete
2020 CONCRETE & SUPPLIES BID1-02-20201-14-2020CLOSEDNone rebidding
2020 GUARDRAIL MATERIAL BID1-02-20201-14-2020CLOSEDCustom Pavement Maintenance & Safety
2020 ROAD STRIPING BID1-02-20201-14-2020CLOSEDTime Striping
2020 METAL CULVERTS BID1-02-20201-14-2020CLOSEDMetal Culverts
2020 CONCRETE CULVERTS BID1-02-20201-14-2020CLOSEDScurlock Industries
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