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Road Petitions & Instructions

If you wish to complete a petition to create a new private road or rename an existing road, please contact 9-1-1 administration at RoadPetitions@bentoncountyar.gov or (479)271-1085.

If you wish to complete a petition to change the status of a current road or to vacate a road, please contact the Road Department at RoadPetitions@bentoncountyar.gov or (479)271-1052.

Please note that some petition types will require all existing addresses on a road to change. This change is not optional. If you do not wish to change your address, you will not be able to complete the petition process for creating a new road, renaming an existing road, or vacating an existing road.

Instructions for all road petitions:

  • Contact RoadPetitions@bentoncountyar.gov or by calling the appropriate department for your request
  • Provide your current road name and status, and a description of what you are trying to accomplish
  • The Road Department or 9-1-1 Administration will work with you to determine the appropriate petition for you to complete, and will inform you of all requirements for completing that particular petition
  • Complete the petition, which will include signatures from all property owners adjacent to the road in question, and may have other requirements.
  • Return the signed petition along with all accompanying documents.
  • The Road Department and 9-1-1 Administration will review the petition for completeness, and then provide it to the County Judge.
  • The County Judge will schedule a hearing as necessary, and make final judgement on the petition.
  • You will be notified of either the hearing or the result of your petition by the county.

This process can take different amounts of time, depending on the type of petition requested. For more details, you will need to contact the appropriate department for the type of petition you wish to complete.

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